NASA Needs Your Help

NASA Space Robotics Challenge Prepares Robots for the Journey to Mars The Space Robotics Challenge offers a $1 million prize purse for teams that successfully program a virtual Robonaut 5 robot through a series of complex tasks in a simulated Mars habitat. Credits: NASA NASA, in partnership with Space Center Houston, the Official Visitor Center […]

High School Students Work As Interns at Space X

At Hawthorne-based SpaceX, high school students learn to reach for the stars By Sandy Mazza, Daily Breeze POSTED: 08/20/16, 5:01 PM PDT | UPDATED: 9 HRS AGO 0 COMMENTS Hundreds of standout college engineering students launch their careers each year as SpaceX interns, working long hours beside some of the country’s best rocket engineers at the trailblazing Hawthorne commercial […]

Lockheed Martin to Discuss Mars Base Camp

Bob Barboza is scheduled to present at the upcoming Mars Society Convention.  He will be talking about “The Occupy Mars Learning Adventures” STEAM++ programs and his special STEM Martian habitat projects with the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey, California. Lockheed Martin will discuss Mars Base Camp. Lockheed Martin to Discuss Mars Base Camp & […]

Growing Food on Mars

What does it take to do a better job growing food on Earth and then taking the best practices to Mars? Bob Barboza, The Occupy Mars Learning Adventures Dear Bob, A revolution is coming, one that will overcome challenges we can only imagine, powered by technology we won’t even see. The next generation of life-changing […]